Professional Acting Experience


GORDON McCALL (Professional Acting Experience)


Canadian Actors’ Equity Assoc. (CAEA)

 Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists - (ACTRA)

Member - Breakdown Services Ltd. (Actors' Access)

 Member - Casting Workbook

 Agency: Aviel Talent Management, Montreal (514)-288-8885


FREUD, (Principal Lead) Freud's Last Session by Mark St. Germain, Phoenix Theatre, Indianapolis, Indiana, March/April 2012 (Director - William Fisher)

NARRATOR/MICHEL, (Principal Lead) Assorted Candies by Michel Tremblay, Centaur Theatre Company, Montreal, Quebec - Oct./Nov. 2006 (Director – Serge Denoncourt)

 MARTIN, (Principal Lead) The Goat by Edward Albee, Centaur Theatre Company, Montreal, Quebec -      Feb./March 2005, (director – Ken Livingstone)                          

 FATHER (Principal Lead) Girl In The Goldfish Bowl by Morris PanychThousand Islands Playhouse,          Gananoque, Ont., July/August 2004, (director - Catherine McKay)

Celebrity Reader   THE WORKS OF MARGARET ATWOOD        McGill Women’s Centre

                             (The Blind Assassin, Alias Grace)                         Woman Of The Year Award

                                            Omni Hotel

                                            Montreal, Quebec

                                            April, 2003

Gabe                    DINNER WITH FRIENDS                                    Centaur Theatre Company

(Principal Lead)     by Donald Margulies                                             Montreal, Que.


                                                                                                           (director – Rosemary Dunsmore)

Ivan                     DRINKING ALONE                                               Village Theatre West        

(Principal Lead)   by Norm Foster                                                       Hudson, Quebec


                                                                                                           (director – Heather Markroff Lowe)

Wullie                  THE BLACK BONSPIEL OF WULLIE MacCRIMMON       Thousand Islands Playhouse

(Principal Lead)    by W.O. Mitchell                                                                     Gananoque, Ontario


                                                                                                                            (director – Mo Bock)


Paddy O’Lantern   FINBARR’S FINAL FLING                                  Centaur Theatre, Montreal  

(Principal Lead)     by Gordon McCall with Rick McConomy             (Buffet Sorrento)



Vinnie Black         TONY & TINA’S WEDDING                              Centaur Theatre, Montreal

(Principal Lead)     by Artificial Intelligence                                        (Buffet Sorrento)



Father                    SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED                        Thousand Islands Playhouse

(Prinicpal Lead)     by Eugene Stickland                                              Gananoque, Ontario


                                                                                                            (director – Mo Bock)


Lorne                     RUNNING ON FROZEN AIR                             Sudbury Theatre Centre

(Principal Lead)     by G. McCall                                                        Sudbury, Ontario


                                                                                                           (director – G. McCall & Simon Joynes)


Edward                   SOMEONE WHO’LL WATCH OVER ME        Sudbury Theatre Centre

(Principal Lead)      by Frank McGuiness                                            Sudbury, Ontario



Corin                       AS YOU LIKE IT                                               Sudbury Theatre Centre

                                by William Shakespeare                                      Sudbury, Ontario


                                                                                                           (director – G. McCall)

Stewart                    THE WILD GUYS                                               Sudbury Theatre Centre

(Principal Lead)        by A. Wreggitt & R. Shaw                                   Sudbury, Ontario


                                                                                                            (director – Richard Newman)


J.D. Blackwell          FIRE                                                                    Sudbury Theatre Centre

(Principal Lead)        by P. Ledoux & D. Young                                    Sudbury, Ontario


                                                                                                             (director – G. McCall)


George                       MANY HAPPY RETURNS                               Fringe Nord

(Principal Lead)         by Michael Shepherd                                          Sudbury, Ontario


                                                                                                            (director – Michael Shepard)


Andrew Makepeace   LOVE LETTERS                                                Sudbury Theatre Centre

(Principal Lead)         by A.R. Gurney                                                   Sudbury, Ont.


                                                                                                             (director – Simon Joynes) 

Floyd                          COLD COMFORT                                             Sudbury Theatre Centre

(Principal Lead)          by Jim Garrard                                                    Sudbury, Ont.


Mud & Moo               THE SNOW QUEEN                                         Sudbury Theatre Centre

(Principal Lead)          adapted by Robb Paterson                                   Sudbury, Ontario

                                   & G. McCall                                                       1992 

Marv, Mort                 CALIFORNIA SUITE                                        Stage West

(Principal Lead)           by Neil Simon                                                     Regina, Sask.


Arthur Birling              AN INSPECTOR CALLS                                  Persephone Theatre

(Principal Lead)           by J.B. Priestly                                                   Saskatoon, Sask.


Norm Snell, Sonny      THE SASKATOON SOAPS                               Broadway Theatre

Garcia, Paddy               (Weekly improvised soap opera)                         Nightcap Productions

O’Lantern,                                                                                              Saskatoon, Sask.

Tooloose Latrack                                                                                    1985 - 1991


Harvey                          HURLYBURLY                                                Actors’ Lab Theatre

(Prinicpal Lead)             by David Rabe                                                  Saskatoon, Sask.



Radio Host                   SASKATOON, THE UNIVERSE                       Political Conventions

                                     AND YOU                                                         Saskatoon, Sask.



Lysander                       A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM                 Shakespeare On The                          

(Principal Lead)            by William Shakespeare                                       Saskatchewan Festival

                                                                                                                  Saskatoon, Sask. 1985


Stan Willows                 THE CRANBERRY FLATS TRAVELLING        Twenty-Fifth Street

(Principal Lead)             MEDICINE SHOW                                               Theatre

                                                                                                                     Saskatoon, Sask.



Professor                        SOUTH PACIFIC                                                  Rainbow Stage

                                                                                                                      Winnipeg, Manitoba


Gerta/SS Officer            BENT                                                                     Manitoba Theatre Centre

                                      by Martin Sherman                                                 Winnipeg, Manitoba


Trinculo                         THE TEMPEST                                                     Manitoba Theatre Centre

                                      by William Shakespeare                                          Winnipeg, Manitoba


Ross                                MACBETH                                                            Manitoba Theatre Centre

                                        by William Shakespeare                                         Winnipeg, Manitoba


Sylvestro                         SCAPINO                                                              Frederic Wood Theatre

                                        by Jim Dale                                                            Vancouver, B.C.





Role                                         Film                                                                  Producer



Robert Brent                Washington Stories [Animated Museum Installation]  M2C1 Integration Inc.

(Principal)                                                                                                        Montreal, Quebec



Inebriated Man              Mambo Italiano [Feature Film]                                  Equinox Films & Cinemaginaire

(Actor)                                                                                                             Montreal, Quebec 



Gardener                        Where The Money Is                                       Gramercy Pictures

(Actor)                           (starring Paul Newman)                                   (shot in Montreal, Que.)

                                       [Feature Film – Hollywood]                            1999


Pinkerton Detective      The Secret Adventures of                         England/Canada Co-Pro                                

(Principal)                     Jules Verne                                                       1999


Don Bunt               COME TOGETHER WITH THE WORLD            Harvard Communications

(Principal Lead)     (15 minute promotional film for World Fastball     Regina, Saskatchewan

                                 Championships - aired in Australia,                       1989

                                 New Zealand, U.S.A., Canada, Jamaica,

                                 Japan, and many others)

1920’s Prairie

Farmer (Principal)    PORTRAITS OF CANADA                                   Walt Disney Productions

                                (In Circle-Vision)                                                      California

                                Played at TELECOM PAVILION,                           1986

                                EXPO 86 - Vancouver

                                Plus 4 years at the EPCOTT CENTRE,

                                DISNEY WORLD, Florida


Minor Roles                HIGH POINT, CIRCLE OF TWO,                        Hollywood Feature Films

                                 ANATOMY OF HORROR, HEAD ON                shot in Toronto, Ont. In

                                                                                                              the early 80’s.




Pinkerton Detective           The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne               Filmline Productions, 1999



Host                  UPTOWN DOWNTOWN                                       Telecable Ten Television

                         (Weekly live talk show                                            Saskatoon, Sask.

                            Featuring local social,                                            2 yrs.

                            Cultural, and business

                             activities in Saskatoon)


Peanuts Parker   PRAIRIE CONFIIDENTIAL                                   CFQC TV

(Principal Lead)   ( 2 - ½ hr. comedy specials                                    Saskatoon, Sask.

                                for the CTV Network)                                        






             Principal Spokesperson   CENTAUR THEATRE COMPANY        CFCF TV (CTV)

                                                                                                                        Montreal, Que.



Principal Spokesperson   CENTAUR THEATRE  COMPANY        Hot Spots, Montreal



Principal Spokesperson   CENTAUR THEATRE COMPANY         CBC TV, Montreal



Principal Lead                S.G.I. PHOTO I.D.                                       Saskatchewan Government

                                                                                                           Regina, Sask. 1991

                                                                                                           (Print campaign as well)


Principal Lead                WINTARIO                                                  Ontario Lotteries Corp.


[Others available upon request.]



 B.A. – Arts/English - University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario - 1970

B.A. -  Drama - Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario - 1972

M.F.A. - Theatre/ Directing - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia – 1975

(Thesis completed 1980)

- Stagehand - Queen’s Theatre, London, England - 1971

- Ben Kingsley, Patrick Stewart - intensive Shakespeare acting workshop - Vancouver, 1977

- Yoshi - Equity training workshop 1980

- Situation Comedy (6 yrs) - The Saskatoon Soaps - 6 years playing several characters on a weekly basis in a late night, improvised situation comedy - 1984 - 1990

-       Many other acting workshops and classes in my formal training and professional career.

-       35 years as a professional actor

Special Skills and Relevant Background experience: Competitive Mid-Distance Dog Musher, Fresh Water fisherman (all types), Writer (playwright, screenwriter [CBC TV, CTV TV]), snooker player, competitive chess player, singer (baritone/tenor), Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Karate (Orange Belt), lifetime hockey player (Junior), excellent skater.

Dialects: Irish(Dublin), English(Yorkshire, Manchester, generic Cockney), American( Georgia, Arkansas, Brooklyn), generic German, generic Yiddish.