Workshop Participant Testimonials for Gordon McCall

 I found my experiences working with Gordon, both as a cast member in his spectacular production of Much Ado About Nothing and a student in his directing class, to be inspirational. His guidance in directing class allowed students to tackle challenging material utilizing a clearly defined approach. 

Amy Sivak, B.A. Theatre, Purdue University 2011


Though, my work with Gordon lasted only a year, his presence and guidance in my life has left lasting impressions and he has helped to shape the course of my life. I never dreamt I would go to and conquer graduate school, in acting; it's because of Professor Gordon McCall that I was able to achieve so much.

Kagiso Paynter, B.A. Performance/Theatre 2008, Purdue University, MFA acting 2011, University of California at Irvine, professional actress, Los Angeles, California, 2011


Gordon McCall's acting workshop has taken me to the next level as a professional actress, deepening my performance and technique. Gordon is inspiring, funny and truthful in his approach, taking into consideration the needs of each actor and assisting them to accomplish their goals as a performer. I loved Gordon's workshop and I highly recommend it to all performers! 

Jennifer May Walker, professional actress, Montreal, 2012

 Gordon uses his heartfelt compassion and wealth of professional and practical wisdom in assisting actors in their journey to creating characters that are first and foremost human and grounded in truth. Gordon is very down-to-earth in his teaching style and makes sure his actors feel safe and supported in discovering and opening to their characters' worlds.

 Leigh Ann Taylor, professional actress, Montreal, 2011

Your extensive knowledge and experience in theatre as an Actor, Director and Writer has given me an abundance of new information and tools that I now take with me and which I  am certain will assist and elevate my playwriting abilities to the level I had hoped to reach when I first registered for the workshop. Your exercises in play building, from the ground up approach, have given me precise and tangible tools which I can implement immediately in my work, both as a playwright and actor.

Nick Stamiris, professional actor, playwright, Montreal, 2011

 I have taken several of Gordon's workshops and each time he helps me to discover something new about my process.  He challenges his students to dig deep and to trust their instincts.  His approach is unique, creative and inspiring. He is very passionate about teaching and gives 100% of himself to each participant. His classes are geared to any actor at any stage in their training. I highly recommend his workshop!

Helena Levitt, Equity actor, Montreal, QC

Playwrighting students leave Gordon McCall’s workshop with the confidence to tackle a first draft or to revisit and polish an abandoned script. His emphasis on structure and form along with invaluable exercises that tap into a writer’s emotional core allow students to raise their writing to a new level of professionalism.  I especially appreciated his broad and sound knowledge of all aspects of theatre arts from writing and acting to management and directing.

Bonnie Farmer, playwright, Montreal, July 2012

Gordon's directing workshop was a truly enlightening experience. He has provided us with the ability to recognize and develop our own aesthetic awareness; a meticulous yet clear approach to research; a greater sense of group dynamics; and much more. -

Jeremy Segal, Actor/Director, Montreal, QC, July 2012